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Forward UVM email to another UVM or COM address

This guide is intended for UVM or College of Medicine users who would like forward email from their UVM Exchange account ( to another UVM ( or College of Medicine Exchange account ( NOTE: Forwarding your UVM email to a non-UVM address violates the UVM Information Security Policy.

You’ll need to know your UVM NetID credentials in order to make this change. If you have forgotten your UVM NetID password, you can change or reset it at:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sending mail TO your email account FROM the or account you are forwarding to will not work. Exchange interprets mail coming from the same account it is set to redirect to as a potential mail loop and responds by ignoring the redirect rule.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to, you’ll be asked to login with your UVM NetID and password.
  2. Once logged in, click the Gear Icon in the top right corner, then select Options.
  3. From the Options area, expand the Mail options and select Inbox and sweep rules.
  4. Create a new rule by clicking the + icon.
  5. Use the following settings to configure your new inbox rule:
    1. Name your new inbox rule: “Forward all to” (use a name that makes sense to you)
    2. Specify a condition for your rule. Here you’ll want to select [Apply to all messages] from the dropdown menu.
    3. You’ll now need to specify which actions to perform for this rule. From the dropdown menu, select Move, Copy, or delete then choose Delete the message. NOTE: This action is in place for housekeeping purposes. This “Delete the message” action will delete messages from your UVM mail account after they have been redirected to your COM address.
    4. Add a second action to this rule by clicking the Add action button.
    5. This action will perform the message redirection. From the dropdown menu select Forward, redirect, or send then choose Redirect the message to.
    6. You’ll be brought to new window where you can specify which address this rule will redirect mail to. In this example we’re redirecting our UVM email to our COM email address Once you’ve verified your address has been entered correctly, click OK.
  6. Your new Inbox rule settings should look similar to the image below. Once you’ve verified your settings are accurate, click the OK button.
  7. Lastly, you’ll receive a warning about editing mail rules using Outlook Web app. Click OK to save your inbox rule.

Thats it, you’ve successfully setup email forwarding from your UVM email account to another UVM or COM email address.