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Data Backup Services at the Carry-in Center

The UVM Tech Team Carry-in Center is staffed by students trained and managed by IT Professional staff in ETS (Enterprise Technology Services) Contact:

In the process of correcting any problems with computer hardware or software, there is a potential for data loss. Faculty and Staff should meet with an ETS Client Services IT Professional or your College IT support team before requesting service in the Carry-in Center if any data is on the computer that requires service. Regular hard drive backups are your responsibility. (Reference: See page 1, item 1. This states:

Users are responsible for all use of computers and network accounts provided
to them by the University, including data backup and password maintenance.

Please ask us if you have any questions about services, costs, or backups.

It is always a good idea to backup data that is on your computer. It is inevitable that hard drives die after some time and even though your computer may be under warranty, if the hard drive is dead it will not be possible to recover that data.

Difference between backup and remote storage
Backup means that the data is stored on at least two different storage devices. If you have data (music, photos etc) stored on an external hard drive and no where else, then this is remote storage. External hard drives may also die; having a backup and storing the data on different devices means that you’re fighting the odds of all the drives dying at the same time.

There are NO CHARGES for the following BACKUP services, which are available at the UVM Tech Team Carry-in Center. Clients MUST BE PRESENT for the data backup:

  • Assistance backing up academic data to your storage space under the allowed quotas on UVM servers
    • Students have space on
    • Faculty and staff have space on, 10 GB of space on (H: drive), additional space in shared folders for their departments (S: drive)
    • Faculty and staff can submit a request in Footprints requesting up to 25GB of space for the H: drive space for work related data, ALLOW 3-5 DAYS TO PROCESS
  • Assistance setting up and using a CLIENT OWNED AND CLIENT PROVIDED external hard drive with auto-backup software—the amount of data that can be backed up is limited by the space on that drive.
    • Apple: ETS recommends Time Machine
    • Windows: ETS recommends using the Backup and Restore Center, which is built in to Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Assistance backing up data only, with no auto-backup software to any CLIENT OWNED AND CLIENT PROVIDED external hard drive—the amount of data that can be backed up is limited by the space on that drive

However, there are HOURLY LABOR charges, (a minimum one-half hour in advance) charged for the following BACKUP services (NOTE: charges are incurred from the time the backup process begins until the requested data is backed up and verified as correct by the client. Speeds vary with the hardware type and condition of the computer; generally it takes 1 minute per GB. So, backing up 120GB of photos, music, documents, etc could result in a charge for two-hours of labor or more, which is double the cost of an external back up drive):

  • Assistance with any backup of any data to any external drive or network storage owned and maintained by the Tech Team Carry-in Center or ETS: If you ask us to store your data on our external drive, or an ETS network drive, the labor fees above apply.
  • It is a good idea to stay in the service area in case there are issues that cause the process to take an extended amount of time. If you leave and we cannot proceed with the backup, the time will count against the final cost off the backup labor fee. STORAGE IS TEMPORARY FOR SERVICE ONLY.
  • It often makes more sense to purchase an external hard drive and use the free services than those which incur a labor charge.