Dealing with Spam and Phishing Attempts

What's the difference between Spam and Phishing? Spam is unsolicited email that often attempts to sell a product or service. Typically, spam is addressed to a vast number of people in hopes that by casting a wide enough net, the spammers will increase their chance of getting a response. Phishing is a specific type of spam that attempts to trick you into giving away your personal information, whether it's your UVM credentials, your credit card information, or even your Social Security Number. Phishing Read more [...]

ETS file transfer service

Disposal of Surplus Computers and Electronic Waste

PGP within the College of Medicine Information Systems

The College of Medicine Information Systems (COMIS) has their own PGP policy that complies with COMIS security requirements.  The differences between the COMIS policy and the UVM policy are as follows: The COM-branded background screen in BootGuard (The PGP login screen that appears when the computer is turned on specifies College Of Medicine) The COMIS contact number on the login page Drive decryption is not allowed for users in this policy group Other than that, the software is the Read more [...]

PGP and netID account password changes-Mac

MAC OS: Password changes on PGP encrypted computers UVM Faculty and Staff using macs will not have those computers joined to the CAMPUS domain. They should still use the netID and the netID account password when the PGP pop up for enrollment with the PGP server comes up.  These directions assume that the client used their netid password to enroll that account with their macOS computer on the PGP server. THERE MUST BE TWO ACCOUNTS ON THE COMPUTER TO MAKE THE CHANGE, BOTH ACCOUNTS MUST BE LISTED Read more [...]

Connecting to the “Shared” folder: Windows

How to connect to the (Active Directory Campus domain) shared drive using a Windows computer. Read more [...]

Connecting to the H: Drive: Windows

How to connect to your (Active Directory Campus domain) H drive using a Windows computer. Read more [...]

Uninstall PGP-Mac

Things to note when uninstalling PGP: TECHNICIANS DO NOT DO THIS IN THE CDC UNLESS AN ETS TECH 4 OR ETS STAFF MANAGER REQUESTS THAT THE PROCEDURE BE DONE. UVM security policies involved indicate that we would only remove PGP under very specific circumstances (for example, in order to install a newer version, or to install another disk encryption product). The procedure below may not work. If the "Uninstall" button is grayed out, it can mean that you haven't decrypted your drive(s). Otherwise, instructions Read more [...]