Dealing with Spam and Phishing Attempts

What's the difference between Spam and Phishing? Spam is unsolicited email that often attempts to sell a product or service. Typically, spam is addressed to a vast number of people in hopes that by casting a wide enough net, the spammers will increase their chance of getting a response. Phishing is a specific type of spam that attempts to trick you into giving away your personal information, whether it's your UVM credentials, your credit card information, or even your Social Security Number. Phishing Read more [...]

Backing up files with File History (Windows 8, 8.1, 10)

File History is an automated backup tool included in Windows versions 8, 8.1, and 10. Once set up and connected to an external storage device, File History will create a full back up and then periodically make a copy of any files that have been changed. This will protect your personal documents, music, photos, etc. but does not back up applications. NOTE: When your external backup drive is full, backups will continue but they will overwrite the oldest backups on your drive. Setting up File Read more [...]

Windows 8 – Backing up files with File History

Windows 8 –using the built in back up options Windows 8, the current version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, comes with two separate backup options. These are Windows File History and Windows Backup & Restore, and each functions slightly differently. This walkthrough is for Windows File History, a built-in application which takes regular snapshots of personal documents, music, etc, but does not back up applications or contacts by default. You need to use an external hard drive. Read more [...]

PGP locked disk

PGP and netID account password changes-Windows

How to change a netID password so that you can log in at the PGP screen, Windows and MacOS Read more [...]