Connect to the UVM Network via VPN Using an iPad

Downloading and configuring the free Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client on an iPad. Read more [...]

Uninstall PGP-PC

How to use the Uninstall PGP utility in the PGP folder on a Windows 7 system: Login to an administrator level account Click Start, All programs, find the PGP folder, click on it RIGHT click on Uninstall PGP, choose run as administrator when prompted that the keys will be deleted click OK, let the uninstaller run about 3/4ths of the way through, by the progress bar, if the process stalls Ctrl-Alt-Delete, open task manager Processes tab--check for PGP related processes still running--there Read more [...]

Recovering Data with Drive Savers

ETS recommends contacting Drive Savers, 1-800-440-1904 if the recovery options described in the article about data back up and recovery were not successful. Information about Drive Savers, as of January 2011: Let them know you are a UVM affiliate, Discount code: DS82010 they can provide a quote via e-mail Refer to dust size chart -Even a single grain of dust can ruin a drive Conforms to Federal Cleanroom Standards: Includes ISO14644-1:1999E, IEST-RP-CC-012.1 and Federal 209 E. Class 1-compatible Read more [...]

Data Backup Services at the Carry-in Center

The UVM Tech Team Carry-in Center is staffed by students trained and managed by IT Professional staff in ETS (Enterprise Technology Services) Contact: In the process of correcting any problems with computer hardware or software, there is a potential for data loss. Faculty and Staff should meet with an ETS Client Services IT Professional or your College IT support team before requesting service in the Carry-in Center if any data is on the computer that requires service. Regular Read more [...]