NetBeans Input Stream Error

Several users have reported errors when they attempt to test their connection to UVM's Silk space through NetBeans. If you are experiencing the error below, please follow the instructions on this page. MacOS Open the Terminal application, found in Applications in the Utilities folder. Type "ssh", replacing "YOURNETID" with your personal NetID. If prompted, enter “yes” at “The Authenticity of host ‘’…” prompt. Enter your UVM Read more [...]

Setting up OneNote

UVM's Office 365 includes OneNote, an application used for creating and organizing notes in a searchable way. OneNote users can compile notes from multiple different sources to better manage their course notes and files. OneNote stores your notes on Microsoft's Cloud Storage service, OneDrive. As such, you will also need to set up OneDrive for OneNote to work. OneDrive accounts can be created at UVM Staff and Faculty: HIPAA and FERPA protected information, as well as any Read more [...]

Outlook Web App Calendar Basics

UVM uses Microsoft Exchange for its email and calendaring system, which syncs with Outlook, Apple Mail, and Android's built-in email and calendar clients. Read more [...]

JMP Pro 11 Setup

The purpose of this is to act as a walkthrough on setting up JMP Pro 11. You will notice this is done on a Mac but the process is pretty much the same on a Windows machine. The most common issue with this installation process is that the installer is buried within about five directories. Throughout this tutorial we will attempt to walk you through the process but if any questions come please contact the UVM Tech Team. Start by downloading JMP 11 from the UVM Software Archive. To get there type Read more [...]

Netbeans Setup

The following guide is offered as supplemental instructions to those provided by your instructor. Downloading NetBeans (with HTML and PHP) These instructions should work if you are installing NetBeans on a Apple or Windows machine. Please make sure to select the relevant platform when downloading NetBeans. Visit Choose to download the bundle under PHP marked by the red box.  If you intend to use Netbeans for more than just PHP and HTML, the bundle Read more [...]

Windows Software Updates with System Center Configuration Manager

Software updates with System Center Configuration Manager As we transition from Windows Automatic Updates to the more capable System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM or ConfigMgr), the timing and the appearance of alerts and update-related content is changing as well. I think it may be confusing to non-technical users, so I thought I’d document the most common elements alerts and windows This alert pops-up in the upper right corner of the screen on Windows 8 family systems. Windows Read more [...]

Windows 8 – Backing up files with File History

Windows 8 –using the built in back up options Windows 8, the current version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, comes with two separate backup options. These are Windows File History and Windows Backup & Restore, and each functions slightly differently. This walkthrough is for Windows File History, a built-in application which takes regular snapshots of personal documents, music, etc, but does not back up applications or contacts by default. You need to use an external hard drive. Read more [...]

Windows 8 Recovery Options

Abstract: This article describes the various recovery options for troubleshooting and repairing issues on computers running Windows 8. Upon the first login, there are no prompts for the user to create recovery media or restore points in Windows 8. The following steps detail the process of creating a bootable recovery drive on a USB storage device. This recovery drive provides a suite of useful troubleshooting tools that are used to fix problems impeding the operating system's full functionality. Read more [...]