Adding an Exchange Account to Apple Mail and Calendar

NOTE: While Apple Mail supports Exchange accounts via Exchange Web Services, we highly recommend using Outlook for Mac, or Outlook on the Web if you need advanced calendaring features or if you are a delegate for someone-else's calendar. To add your Exchange account, open "System Preferences" Select "Internet Accounts" In "Internet Accounts", select "Exchange" from the options list. If you do not see the options list, you will need to click the "+" sign in the bottom left corner. Read more [...]

Outlook Web App Calendar Basics

UVM uses Microsoft Exchange for its email and calendaring system, which syncs with Outlook, Apple Mail, and Android's built-in email and calendar clients. Read more [...]

Troubleshooting Offline Files

Troubleshooting Offline Files 1 Reply My previous post describes the normal operation of Offline Files. And most of the time, “it just works.” But there are times when it won’t, and getting it running again can be challenging. Two Important concepts First, it’s important to understand that the Offline Files facility is providing a virtual view of the network folder to which Documents has been redirected when Windows detects that the network folder is unavailable. This means Read more [...]

Folder Redirection and Offline Files

Folder Redirection and Offline Files 1 Reply The following information is not new. We are in the process of making changes to our Folder Redirection policy, though, and I thought it might be helpful to have this baseline information in a place that is handy for referral. Background Offline Files is a feature of Windows that was introduced in parallel with Folder Redirection in Windows 2000. Folder Redirection allows an administrator to relocate some of the user profile data folders Read more [...]

How to restore data from a deactivated Limesurvey survey

You might run into problems if you deactivate your survey at Limesurvey instead of setting an expiry date (which we recommend to restrict access to a survey), because once a survey is deactivated, a backup of the results table “lime_survey_12345″ (12345 refers to the survey ID) is created and it is renamed to “lime_old_survey_12345_20120101235959″. The last part of the table name marks the date (2012-01-01) and time (23:59:59) the survey was deactivated. If you now want to view results, Read more [...]

ETS file transfer service

Downloading WinSCP and Accessing your UVM Zoo Files: Windows only*

How to download, and install WinSCP. The program WinSCP is used to access your UVM Zoo files and folders. Read more [...]

Handheld and mobile devices–smart phones, tablets, iPads, Android devices, Kindle Fire

Resources for phones and other handheld or mobile devices. Read more [...]