Interpreting IP addresses on the UVM network

Explanation of what the IP address for a computer connected to the UVM network (or trying to connect) indicates Read more [...]

Windows 8 – Backing up files with File History

Windows 8 –using the built in back up options Windows 8, the current version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, comes with two separate backup options. These are Windows File History and Windows Backup & Restore, and each functions slightly differently. This walkthrough is for Windows File History, a built-in application which takes regular snapshots of personal documents, music, etc, but does not back up applications or contacts by default. You need to use an external hard drive. Read more [...]

Downloading WinSCP and Accessing your UVM Zoo Files: Windows only*

How to download, and install WinSCP. The program WinSCP is used to access your UVM Zoo files and folders. Read more [...]

Windows 8 Recovery Options

Abstract: This article describes the various recovery options for troubleshooting and repairing issues on computers running Windows 8. Upon the first login, there are no prompts for the user to create recovery media or restore points in Windows 8. The following steps detail the process of creating a bootable recovery drive on a USB storage device. This recovery drive provides a suite of useful troubleshooting tools that are used to fix problems impeding the operating system's full functionality. Read more [...]

Connecting to the “Shared” folder: Windows

How to connect to the (Active Directory Campus domain) shared drive using a Windows computer. Read more [...]

Connecting to the H: Drive: Windows

How to connect to your (Active Directory Campus domain) H drive using a Windows computer. Read more [...]

Uninstall PGP-PC

How to use the Uninstall PGP utility in the PGP folder on a Windows 7 system: Login to an administrator level account Click Start, All programs, find the PGP folder, click on it RIGHT click on Uninstall PGP, choose run as administrator when prompted that the keys will be deleted click OK, let the uninstaller run about 3/4ths of the way through, by the progress bar, if the process stalls Ctrl-Alt-Delete, open task manager Processes tab--check for PGP related processes still running--there Read more [...]

Windows 7 Clean Install

Activating / entering upgrade license / product key for a clean Windows 7 install. Read more [...]