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Computer Warranty, Batteries, AC Adapters

Computer warranty coverage details for desktops, laptops, batteries and adapters.

The Client Services staff are able to honor warranties for all Mac computers and Dell computer models which are sold by the UVM Computer Depot. This is usually a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty if your computer was purchased from UVM. If your computer was not purchased from the Depot, the manufacturer’s warranty usually only lasts for one year unless you purchased an extended warranty. More details can be found at the UVM Service and Support page.

Hardware work cannot be done on computers that are not models we support, because this can and will void the status of your warranty. The UVM Tech Team can try to help diagnose a hardware problem and do what we can at the Carry In Center, as long as the issue only involves user removable parts, such as SATA hard drives; however, we recommend that you FIRST contact the seller or manufacturer directly in such cases.

If you are uncertain of your warranty status they can be checked on the manufacturer’s site using your service tag/serial number.

1. Computer Warranties

  • Generally a 3 year warranty.
  • Hardware support is only available for models the Computer Depot sells.
  • Covers accidental damage, hard drive failures etc.


  • Generally 3 year warranty.
  • Hardware support for any Mac desktop/laptop.
  • Does not cover accidental damage, covers manufacture faults.

2. Battery

Manufacturer’s warranty for the battery only lasts for the first year. The Depot sales team can sell you replacement batteries, however. You will be able to purchase them at the Computer Depot. Prices vary by make and model; stop in for availability and pricing.

3. Power cord/AC adapter

Manufacturer’s warranty is the same as for the laptop. You will need to bring both the laptop and the AC adapter into the Computer Depot Clinic as we need to run tests to rule out a hardware failure; we will also need the service tag/serial number found on the laptop to make a replacement. (Please note that the Apple 90 degree magsafe chargers may not work without a firmware update for some of the older macbook and macbook pro machines.)