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Connecting to the “Shared” folder: Windows

How to connect to the (Active Directory Campus domain) shared drive using a Windows computer.

Microsoft Windows:

Map the Shared folder

If you are connecting from OFF CAMPUS you’ll need to first download and install VPN.

After installing VPN you will be ready to continue.

Please look also consider instructions here.


If you are ON CAMPUS you are ready to begin.

This guide was created on a Windows 10 machine. If you’re using Windows 7 or 8, the steps will differ slightly.

  1. Open the File Browser
  2. From the File Browser window, scroll through the left pane and find the This PC icon. 
  3. Right-click on the This PC icon, then select Map network drive… from the submenu that appears.
  4. On the window that appears, enter the following information. Use the screenshot below as a reference:
    1. Drive: this can be any unused Drive Letter
    2. Folder: \\\shared
    3. Reconnect at sign-in, select this option if you’d like Windows to reconnect to this shared folder when you login to the machine.
    4. Connect using different credentials, this option allows you to connect to the shared drive by entering your NetID and password.
    5. Click Finish to connect.
  5. You may receive a prompt asking for your NetID and password. Be sure to specify the domain you are authenticating against (CAMPUS). To specify the domain, use the following format in the Username filed.
    1. Username: CAMPUS\your_netid
    2. Password: your UVM password
  6. After successfully entering your credentials, the shared drive should now be mapped to your machine. By default, all folders your provisioned access to will be visible.


If you are experiencing problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Support Line at