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PGP within the College of Medicine Information Systems

The College of Medicine Information Systems (COMIS) has their own PGP policy that complies with COMIS security requirements.  The differences between the COMIS policy and the UVM policy are as follows:

  1. The COM-branded background screen in BootGuard (The PGP login screen that appears when the computer is turned on specifies College Of Medicine)
  2. The COMIS contact number on the login page
  3. Drive decryption is not allowed for users in this policy group

Other than that, the software is the same and they use the same PGP Management Server.  Whole Disk Recovery Tokens are obtained through the same process (Identity and Account Management), and the software performs identically.

Because the COMIS contact number is provided in BootGuard, the UVM UVM Tech Team is not the primary contact for issues. If the Tech Team is contacted callers will be directed to COMIS  (802) 656-7300 to ensure data security, or to Identity and Account Management (802) 656-2006, if they need a recovery token.