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Scheduling Rooms in Outlook for Windows

How to Schedule Rooms in Outlook for Windows


  1. Click “New Meeting” in the home menu.
  2. Enter the basic information about the meeting (Subject, To, Start time, End Time, etc.). Then, click “Rooms” to the far right of the Location field.
  3. Type in the building where the desired room can be found and select the room. In this case, we entered Waterman.
    1. If you don’t immediately see the room, you can be more specific by entering in the room number.
    2. Click “OK“.
    3. You should now see your desired room in the Location field. You should also see that your desired room has been added to the address field. This is required so that your request can be properly accepted by the room.
    4. Lastly, you should ensure your desired room is available during your specified time frame by clicking Scheduling Assistant in the top bar.
  4. Click Send in the top left corner of the meeting window. You should now have properly scheduled a room in Outlook for Mac

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