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UVM Wireless – Remove outdated profile

Thursday, April 6th, 2017 the UVM wireless network received a new security certificate as the previous certificate had expired. Some Macintosh computers are not accepting the new certificate automatically.

If you’re using a Mac and started having trouble connecting to UVM wireless Thursday, April 6th, try the following steps:

  1. Click the “Apple” in the top left corner of your screen, select “System Preferences
  2. In the “System Preferences” menu, click on “Profiles“.
    NOTE: If you do not have a “Profiles” icon, the issue you’re experiencing is different in nature than the one addressed in this guide. Contact the Tech Team Help Line at 802-656-2604
  3. From the “Profiles” menu, select the “UVM Wireless” profile, then click the “” button to remove it. You’ll receive a prompt, click “Remove

  4. If asked, enter the password to your computer to confirm the removal of the profile.
  5. Attempt to reconnect to the UVM wireless network. You may be asked to enter your UVM username and password.

    1. NOTE: Some machines may prompt for access to your Keychain. If you receive similar prompts, click “Allow”.
  6. If prompted, accept the new certificate by clicking “Continue“.

You should now have a working UVM wireless connection!

If you are experiencing problems or need further assistance, please contact the UVM Tech Team Support Line at

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